I think YJ needs to come home like NOW. (By home I mean his home in NZ of course)

It is quite frustrating when I hear from him every few days and find out that he is in(or is on his way to) Germany/Italy/Switzerland/Rome (insert name of European country here). Its not so much that they are places that I REALLY want to visit (because every other person seems to have already gone on a Eurotrip and I have heard endless gushing/seen amazing photos on facebook) – but more so that every time he tells me he is somewhere beautiful, I know that we both wish we were there together. Bollocks. Bah HUMBUG.

This was a few nights ago, in the lobby of a hotel somewhere in Venice.

I screenshot(ed?) it because the random European man kept walking back and worth behind YJ and peering over the screen like a weirdo. I found it very amusing. He was probably thinking, Man look at these Asians skyping over the internet when he should be out getting drunk in the city. I bet he’s telling her to make more kimchi so that its ready when he gets home…


I love Angmohs (everyone knows that.. a bit too well I’m afraid HAHAHA) and I love my Asian as well.



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