Productive me


Goodbye to unproductive stayhome days (at least for today)!

Things I did in the past 2 hours:

1. Refolded and reorganized my closet + discarded unwanted old clothes.

One dilemma I faced was whether or not to throw out my old Nanyang/AC shirts which have withered with age and now look like rags. So many memories right there. In the end, I decided to CUT OUT (yes you heard that right) the print/design on this shirts and keep them in a small pouch. I can’t help it if I’m Sentimental okay. Maybe I’ll make a scrapbook outta them or something…


2. Changed my bedsheets and covers.(Spot Comfort bear/SOAKCITY bear & the Kiwi!)

So much for CNY spring cleaning that should’ve happened 2 months ago. I remember when I was a kid and new sheets were a MUST. I guess this CNY I was too preoccupied with YJ to care. But anyhoo, bought some new ones at Ikea awhile back and was too lazy to change them. Now I have new smelling sheets! :)


3. Mopped the floor.

Channeling my inner Cinderella. (i figured a picture of my clean floor wouldn’t be very intriguing)


4. Found lost treasures!

Which include the pouch that Allen gave us before he left Berkeley that his MOM KNITTED (over a warm China fire), the Guiness Mardi Gras chain that I caught over the bartop, a ball of yarn from my Knit fever last year…..and so on. Featured above are the collection of handmade cards Shawna gave me last year! :) I kinda wana stick them on my laptop.


At the end of this, I will have you know that housework is tiring. Props to Cinderella.


One Response to “Productive me”

  1. daphne Says:

    shawna made those cards?! AMAZING

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