Day Camp


Today was like this:

via adorevintage

We practically had an 11am-midnight day camp at Cheryl’s condo. I am pretty much toasted and wasted from exhaustion.

We played tennis (awaken the athlete within! okay who am I kidding we were DYING cos it was so hot), swam & tanned, relived our NY days at Coronation Plaza for lunch (PRINCE restaurant & bubble tea!), played Cranium (Mat & Kat won by a mile pffft), piled on Cheryl’s bed and laughed about the good ol NY days, went for a 3 hour steamboat at Turf City for dinner, then came back to the condo and contemplated life and our future over red wine.

Such a peachy day with all four of us being in the same country – in (overly) sunny SG :) I hope for many more to come when Cheryl returns for her gap sem in June! Whee. Also, white-water rafting plans are in the works. I don’t quite know what possessed me to agree to it. Kat is such an adrenaline junkie.


I’ve slathered myself with Aloe Vera cream and I’m ready to hit the bed and instantly fall asleep. Ciao bella.


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