Potpourri three



Past seasons of America’s Next Top Model that I never followed. I love Tyra Banks. FIERCE.


Spring Break 2009 in San Diego with the Jarvis, Shamil & Jackie, around this time last year. Frolicking, jumping, building sand castles and getting lost in SD, then going into a bar looking like the most racially mismatched group of people in the world.


Over Nigel Barker+Cristen Chin’s life. That’s true love’s kiss right there.


MY MOM’S CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. I really need to stop eating these damn cookies BUT THERE ARE TUPPERWARES OF THEM following me around the house. They are the most addictive thing ever.


Sephora Dark Purple Nail polish. I let my nails breathe for about 2 weeks now. They are finally ready for some co-lour!


THE ONE AND ONLY NATALIE TRAN of communitychannel. By stalking, I mean re-watching old videos that I’ve watched millions of times before. I can re-watch all her videos and they’d crack me up every time. LOVE.


NEW BOARD GAMES! As mentioned before – Citadels & Settlers of Catan. Board games are the new party, y’all. Lets get some brain juice flowing!


Sadly, the above lifestyle will be coming to a sad end as of tomorrow. Cos my group projects, assignments and all those deadlines are piling right on top of me now! Time to prove to everyone that I really am enrolled in university. Haha! And one last thing!


For a good way to spend my summer (if my original plans don’t fall through), and for journey’s mercies for YJ and family who are flying to EUROPE FOR 2 WEEKS TOMORROW. Insanely jealous much :(



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