Everything with.



I think I should organise dinners once a month. I miss everybody :(

Ooh, and we spotted MISS NETTY!

{Hipstamatic photos credit to Esther}

Man, look at my ANNOYED/PISSED/WTH FACE. Michael must’ve said something reallllll-ly stupid.

{Review of the food!}

I think the fries were Awesome (shoestring or straight cut? Nat asked the waitress if they had CRINKLED CUT HAHA) and the burgers/sandwiches were honestly not that bad. Good portions too.

ALSO, NUTELLA TART FTW. Except if you eat it all my yourself (LIKE MICHAEL THE THNG DID) you’ll probably get diabetes and die. Rich and JE-LAT ttm. ZOMG that describes MICHAEL! Okay I’m really kidding.

What we love to do, and what I kinda miss doing. Standing in the middle of the road of HV doing Absolutely Nothing.


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