Little leftover bits from YJ’s Singapore trip, in a nutshell. (I am SO lazy – I discovered I have this huge backlog of photos that I haven’t even uploaded on fb!)

The “chinese ahbeng” haircut that plagued him the rest of the trip.

The new passport that was the reason why he was delayed in Australia for 4 days!

I wasn’t kidding about toasting under the stars @ Rawa :)

Matching NUM slippers.

Singapore slinging with Jackie.

An entire afternoon in Andrew’s room with Nat, watching Zack&Miri + stalking clicknetworktv (aka kaykay) videos (excuse Andrew’s nudity).


Singapore flyer (we are such tourists).

Chinatown with Tarnia.

Island Cremery + Taboo with Shamil, Illya, Jackie.

Shawna finally met her could-been foster father.

Little India CNY lunch with the family.

Making me tissue paper roses (one of the bunch).

Ordering only Chilli crab and finishing it between the two of us. His last meal.

Munchkins sendoff at the airport.


After this post, I conclude that YJ has way too many friends in Singapore now.


One Response to “Residue”

  1. daphne Says:

    haha munchkins is such a cute and apt word!

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