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Other indicators of your old age: you’d rather rush back home after four hours at a funfair just to take a nice shower, cosy up in bed, load the best show in the world (ANTM FTW) while sleeptalking/singing to your bf online.

Back in the day when my age still had a one in front of the second digit, I’d be owning those funfairs man – this explains why I was way more energetic last Funorama (I WAS BARELY TWENTY). The era of fun&games is so over.

AND it doesn’t help that I feel like a cougar half the time I’m there.


The above photo is perfection. Relax. Pets. Lover. Books. Prints. Drapes. Colour. I love everything about it. I guess it could be a better scenario if the cats were dogs.


One Response to “COMFORTS”

  1. Nat(mini rugger) Says:

    Cougar—a woman over 40 who likes younger men because she doesn’t like older men. Usually a cougar doesn’t sexually pursue younger men but is attracted to these younger men, typically more than eight years her junior.

    i think you meant something else rightt

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