Just had an incredibly long conversation with Nat about the issue of rebuking in love when it comes to non-Christians. On retrospect alot of the disagreements we came to were all a matter of wording and definitions. It makes me question the nature of the two fundamental guidelines that I’ve used to live my life – WWJD and 1 Corinthians 13. I always thought they were simple, clear-cut and unfallable. But now I wonder, is it that our society has educated us to make such fine distinctions of things up to lettering, phrasing, tone – that it confuses us and complicates what was intended to be universal divine truths?

Someone’s facebook profile statement says this: Faith shines brightest in a childlike heart.

I wonder if I would be better off a child, trusting, loving, hoping and clinging to the simple truths that spoke to my heart, and not my head. Why do we love to overintellectualize things? Or did God intend for us to, so that we learn and understand more.. really? I don’t know.

Our minds are such tricky things – (so are our hearts, of course, but let’s leave that for another day) so easy to entertain, to mould; yet so stubborn, so entrenched. I wonder what Jesus’ mind was like..

Some mysteries belong to He who sits in the highest.


2 Responses to “Rebuke?”

  1. TARNIA Says:

    faith shines brightest in a childlike heart ftw

  2. daphne Says:

    the scary thing for me is sometimes i end up saying/thinking truth with no love, though i claim i’m expressing correctional love. judgmentalism/pride is a big weakness in my life

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