Girlfriends @ Brewerkz.

I can’t quite remember the occasion.. but I know this was the night that after dinner, Cheryl, Mat and I spontaneously decided to watch Valentine’s Day the movie at midnight and were fully exhausted after that – leading us all to the conclusion that we are clearly not teens anymore.

And this was the first time I’d seen Kat after she got back from Europe!


MA BIRTHDAY @ Cafe 211.

Risotto and ice cream latte TO DIE FOR. I’m kinda craving some seafood risotto now. The place was open air on the rooftop, and had fab ambience.

Note: I wore my ACS the whole day!

We sat and talked until they switched off the music and started packing up the chairs which was our cue to GET LOST. Then we wound up at Swenson’s where this little boy at the next table abused my balloons and the three of us played with.. well, IPhone apps.

I don’t know if its embarrassing or funny for the three of us! Haha. Kat’s clock is one minute quick! FAIL.


I love hanging out with these womans, but I miss our sleepovers @ the Banyan Tree (aka Kat’s house) the most. SLEEPOVER SOON PLS. Although I know we’ll all probably fall asleep by 2am. COS WE’RE OLD AND GRANNY LIKE NOW :(


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