So I never really got down to posting about what YJ did while he was in SG those 2 and a half weeks.. I decided that this would be the best way to sum up what we spent half our time together doing.

(Brace yourself.)

Sambal stingray & chilli kangkong (his first meal!)/ Fishhead curry & chilli kangkong (clearly he was addicted)/ Nasi Lemak & Chicken rice/ Prawn Rib Mee/ Hokkien Mee & Sugarcane/ XLB & Hotstone fried rice/ Charkwayteow, Popiah & Indonesian chicken/ Chilli Nachos/ CHILLI CRAB (his last meal)

Oh yes, it continues.

Some weird spicy chicken intestine thing/ JELLIES from Chinatown/ Coconut juice/ Wings @ Hooters/ Takopachi/ $1 ice cream in town/ DURIAN/ Burgers @ NYNY/ Singapore Sling

How about there’s still the time we had Indian food during Chinese New Year, and reunion dinner @ that Chinese restaurant with my family, followed by two consecutive days of eating at my house (food provided by the mothership) – KONG BA PAO AND CURRY CHICKEN MMMMYUM – and also the time that Pete & Sarah were in town – FOOD REPUBLIC EATING FRENZY…….

Okay I’m kinda freaked out now. I got kinda scared making the collage actually. Hahaha well what can I do when Singapore is all about the eating! :) We love our food. PLUS the fact that its cheap – YJ was ranting and raving nonstop about the BEAUTY OF HAWKER CENTERS the entire 2 weeks.


In part, this is REVENGE for him calling me a FATASS while we were in Santa Cruz for the weekend last year, just because I wanted to eat Cold Stone after we had an Indian buffet of which we stuffed ourselves silly.



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