I was trawling food blogs today, when I realised I had a food post that I forgot to do. Its kinda outdated… yea. Something like 4ish months behind real time :D

So this took place sometime in November 2009. Dakor decided to spontaneously drive us out for Atas Brunch (as we call it in the Yap household) @ Mimolette.

Our destination.

According to the website, its well-known for its interior design. LOOK I managed to capture a TENDER MOMENT of the couple sitting next to us. Ahaha I should be a PI, srsly.

Attendees of Atas Brunching: 1x sister, 2x brothers. The extent of how long this entry is backdated is evident from the state of OUR HAIR.

1. This was like ONE DAY after I cut my hair the first time. Look at how ridiculously short it was back then.

2. Gideon’s hair, still there. Before he enlisted in Dec, and before he lost 021903213 kg HE IS A WEIRD LOOKING ALIEN NOW HAVE I SAID THAT YET.

3. Gleeful look on Dakor’s face for successfully ordering a Long Island Tea for Gid before he went to school to study. (Mission: redface)

Corn Beef Hash/ Steak & Eggs. TOO MUCH FOOD.


After our satisfactory brunch, Dakor decided to drive us around to explore the terrain which was made up of FOREST and strange little lanes of road. After numerous turns into nowhere, we discovered that we did not know the way out. This resulted in us driving into a DEAD END that was indicated by a gate.

Because we couldn’t be bothered to find the right way out, Gid was summoned to get out of the car and UNLOCK THE GATE HAHA SO WE COULD DRIVE OUT ONTO THE MAIN ROAD.



I am currently craving Atas Brunching. It has been awhile. I have already written down a list of places to go, and I shall pitch them to the higher power (i.e. the one with money and the car) soon. YAY.


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