Brothers & Sisters


Remember my post on how YJ and I spent Valentine’s Day?

I don’t think how I mentioned how I found out about Orgo, and this is once again backdated to 4 months ago (yes, I’m forgetful and lazy), when we had our once-in-a-loooooong-time Brother/Sister outing – consisting of the 3 pairs of siblings. Moris, Teohs & Yaps.

Mae introduced the place to us and made the reservation, and it was pretty awesome cos our first time there and we were given the GLASS ROOM to be seated in, complete with fluffy red cushions, background music, and a beautiful view of the Singapore city skyline.


We ordered drinks & dessert; this was the bread pudding and the souffle, I think? Honestly, the desserts were terrible. Stick to the drinks. That’s what they are known for anyway.

Every year we always take every opportunity that the 6 of us around to take a brother/sister shot. Over the years now I have quite a collection! Reminds us of how our roots I guess. When we were just kids running around together in church.. those were the wonder years :)


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