So Hee


I’m at my parent’s Navigator alumni conference helping out with tshirts. I JUST SAW SO HEE AGAIN SHE IS THE CUTEST GIRL IN THE WORLD.

So Hee is eight. She is Korean but was born in Singapore. She goes to my alma mater, Pei Hwa Presbyterian. She speaks Korean and speaks English like a Singaporean kid (which YJ and I find infinitely amusing and SOCUTEZOMG). When she talks to her mom in Korean I feel like I’m watching a live Korean drama. She just joined Chinese dance in school but so far they’ve only done stretching. She only lets her mom comb her hair and eats sticky rice with plain seaweed. She has rosy cheeks and chipmunk eyes and is one of the prettiest girls I have seen.

The truth of the matter is that I WANT TO KIDNAP HER and put her in a house so she can play UNO stacko with YJ and I and we can read her children’s bible stories in Korean (ok obviously I didn’t do this, more like I listened like a kid too) like we did those few weeks back.


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