Some things are so Beautiful that you can’t do anything but feel like crying.

Some things like Corinne Bailey Rae’s music&lyrics.

To me, this is true beauty. True poetry. Truth.



So young for death,
We walk in shoes too big
But you play it like a poet,
Like you always did.
And I lay face upturned on the palm of God,
Pushed on by the fingertips of dreams,
They haunted me,
Consoling me.

You slept a sigh like the angels speak,
And we danced into tomorrow on bleeding feet
And I had thought that I would die here
But you pushed me on,
You pushed me on.

You can keep it all locked up in your leaden chest
Or you can lay mouth open on the water’s edge
But all your angels and your God will stitch and wash you

Oh I would like to call, call it beauty,
Strained as love’s become, it still amazes me
And I would like to call it beauty.


This album was released two years after her husband’s death.

Perhaps its true, what they say. That pain brings out the most raw and true emotion, and creates the most magnificent of art.


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