The Scent


Highlight of today: The wonderful smell of the AM.

I shall elaborate no further; only a select group of about 4 people know what I am referring to because I frantically texted 2 of them and told the other 2 over dinner.



The second half of today was spent playing with my new (virtual) puppy (SOOO CUTEEEE ZOMG) and figuring out how to make it go to sleep and make friends, while Andrew & Wilson figured out how to edit their Beach Fiesta poster. HTHT (wow so nostalgic) and dinner after at Holland V listening to Wilson tell us stories about the perks of being a freelance professional photographer. I WANT TO FLY TO NEW ZEALAND FOR FREE ALSO. Life is unfair.

I love chill evenings like this.


One Response to “The Scent”

  1. Nat(mini rugger) Says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. STALKERR

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