Some Vday cheese


I was gona post what YJ and I did on Vday, but I was browsing and got distracted with all these entertaining Vday images!

via wiki

AHAHAHAHAHA. Check out the dude’s crazy eyes.

via 5h3lb1


via sleepysongbird

I love this because its MAKES NO SENSE. Its SO something that Meeseow would compose. HAHAHA.

via nataliedee


via therandommonster

And this is quite over the top (OH OH PUN GET IT??) BUT THE PANDAS ARE SOOO CUTE!!!!! OMG PLS LOOK AT THE PANDAS!!!!!!!

via wiki

I like this one :)


Last but not least, I dedicate this last one to YJ.

via onenightstandshirt

Cos he wants to be the very best, that no one ever was.

(I hope you get the reference if not I will just sound like a complete douche.)


Vday post up next!


The thing about Vday is that when you’re single, you hate it and pretend like you don’t care about it when deep down inside there will always be a part of you that wishes you had a someone to spend it with –

and when you’re attached, you still pretend like its not that big a deal cos, like, Vday is soooo overrated (rolls eyes), and its a plan by evil corporate companies to make people spend money, but deep down inside –

you’re as happy as a kid in a candy store because you have someone’s hand to hold.


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