Paper flowers & unicorns


14 February 2010.

Happy Valentine’s Day, us!

I don’t quite know whats up with the faces but oh well.


We had dinner @ New York, New York – and tasted THE BEST BURGERS IN THE WORLD!

I would like to imagine that I felt the same gastronomical awesomeness as the gang in HIMYM when they had The Best Burger in New York.

Candy floss!


We walked around the Esplanade Bay for awhile, witnessed the crazy CNY crowd, YJ saw the Merlion for the first time (THE IRONY HAHA the day before he flies off).

We spent most of the night @ Orgo.

(Kudos to Mae for introducing this place – and this reminds me that I haven’t even posted pictures from the last time we had a brother-sister outing LAST YEAR. Oh dear.)

The view for the night:

The place:

The drinks:


Not only was the view as spectacular as the first time I was there, the place wasn’t that crowded/noisy, and there was LIVE music from below at the Esplanade Bay!

It was quite the perfect evening :)



Chilli nachos & strawberry milkshakes @ Billy Bombers!


The end of the night: walking back to Eusoff Hall in his shoes.


It was our first vday and his last day in Singapore.

Bittersweet, they call it? I was grateful. I am grateful.

And we’ll just keep trudging along as far as God takes us.


P.S. 0:55


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