Love 21


The past few days have been quite insane. Mini-crises springing up in unexpected places, at unexpected times. Even currently, my module crisis has not been resolved and I have until the end of this week to do so. Its true, you really cannot see beyond a day.

2010 has had its mixed record of highs and lows. I am highly disappointed in myself that I have lost the joy of taking photos wherever I go. Nowadays I can’t even be bothered to take out my camera. I always wait for someone else with a bigger, better, cooler camera to snap shots, and then slowly wait for them to tag me in the photo on fb before I post them on this blog. Strange, die-hard habits actually can change.

I have a series of things I want to purchase – laptop cover, new cleansers & hair accessories – but I’m going to reign it in and roll out the self-control till sometime next month to get them. I need to thrift as much as possible. Because in 5 days, YJ is landing for the first time in South East Asia. Destination: Singapore. I still don’t quite know what to expect, how to prepare myself, how to prepare everyone else. I pretty much can’t. Like I said before, you really cannot see beyond a day.


Today, I visited Andrew in his new room at Eusoff Hall. Flashbacks of 2007 Sem 1. Funny how time changes everything.

Today, I had lunch with Marcus & Quentin. I am very happy to have friends who listen.

Today, it started off really badly (module crisis!) but somehow God placed people to turn it around. I’m still worried about it, but I’m no longer stressed. I believe in angels.


In addition, I am so grateful to God for Love 21. That would be the mountain of favours that I owe my oldest brother.


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