My December


In the past week,

I went for Youth Camp 2009 :)

Spent the last night making up Disney character names for everyone,

adopted a Pocahontas (SQUIRRELS!) and an ELI-SA-BETH along the way,

and spent the rest of the night Karaokae-ing away to Kpop & Taylor Swift till 7am.

Went for a massive churchie picknick at Botanical Gardens,

finally met HLMAN! (and his random Nigerian friend)

did the Taec-Chansung rap in the HEARTBEAT MV. HAHA.

Baked myself a Nichkhun with beanie,

also baked myself an Evangeline, a christmas tree, and a boyfriend.


Listening to Princess & the Frog OST. MA BELLE EVANGELINE <3333 Strangely I am craving to listen to some S CLUB 7. OLD SCHOOL.



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