Today we had the Best Meal Ever In My Life at The Cheesecake Factory while dining on the patio of the 8th floor of Macy’s overlooking the Christmas tree and ice-skating rink.

Factory Burger.

White Chocolate Raspberry Latte.

Original Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake.

World Famous Pumpkin Cheesecake. (INSERT FACE OF SHEER BLISS)

I really wished I could’ve brought back the cheesecake to Singapore, esp for my family cos I know they would’ve LOVED it :(

But I think I could’ve died on the patio, happy and content.


To top it off, we made someone happy today :)

There was a little girl with a Happy Birthday headband sitting at the table across us, eating with her mother and her grandmother. I decided to go over and offer to take a polaroid of the three, and then give it to her as a birthday present. They were REALLY thrilled and surprised and I felt like TEN MILLION DOLLARS for actually acting upon my impulse :)

Then the grandmother shared with us that the girl was the youngest of 11 grandchildren and it was her 7th birthday. They were going to watch The Nutcracker Ballet later on, and she said the polaroid captured three generations of females. The grandmother’s name was Claire. And so was the little girl’s :)

Aww man I love it when someone lets you into a little bit of their life through random chance encounters.


We walked out of the restaurant into the rain and Bay area cold, feeling exactly how Christmas should feel like. Receiving so much more when you give.



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  1. YJ Says:

    I love how u use “we”

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