Back in Berkeley


So the past two-ish days or so have been a ridiculous flurry of activity.

The first day didn’t even give me any time to settle in at all – the moment I stepped into Ihouse, everything just resumed as if I had never left six months ago. Yeah the people are different, but given that thanks to facebook and the power of online technology I kinda already knew all of them, it was as if I had never left. So far the stuff that I’ve done – Andrew’s dance concert on the first night that I landed, NBA game on the second night (dude this was EPIK), dimsum in Oakland Chinatown this morning.. and having Quentin and familiar Singaporean faces around are an added help to easing back in right into the thick of how I remember everything to be. Today was my first dinner in the dining hall with everybody, and Yvonne and I laughed ourselves upside down and silly. ZOMG.

Its strange, I’ve spent the last six months unlearning my life in Berkeley, and to return with the mindset of a guest but realizing that you actually still very much belong.. its kinda crazy. Crazy fun.



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