Thanksgiving concepts


Thanksgiving weekend just passed. We don’t quite celebrate Thanksgiving in Singapore (sadly), but I think its a precious concept that reminds us to count our blessings.

What are you Thankful for?


I came across this post from A Beautiful Mess, and I thought it was SO CUTE and pretty much an ingenious idea altogether. It made me smile :)

Thanksgiving cupcakes with cupcake toppers to write down things to be thankful for.


Awesome, isn’t it?

I definitely wana try doing something like this in the near future! It doesn’t have to be a certain time of the year to let people know the blessings in our life :)


Sigh, I have four exams in the next four days.. definitely not something I’m psyched about, but I’m still thankful for the time that has been given to study, the friends I have to study with, and the experience of mugging together that I missed out on for one semester!

xoxo and all the best, guys :)


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