DIY: Studs


First yarn & knitting, now studs and embellishments :)

I am pleased with my new DIY spirit.


So I finally got hold of the studs & rhinestones I ordered from ebay, and picked out a few boring and forgotten cardigans/tanks/tops.. and voila! Awesome is my middle name.

This was the first project attempted. And I have to admit I was Stupid because I didn’t realize the studs could be ironed-on, which resulted in my wrestling with the glue gun for quite a while (and a burn on my fingertip OUCH).

:( I wish I had realized earlier! Then the studs wouldve been much neater and cleaner.

These other 2 were random spur-of-the-moments.

So.. I’ve kinda used up all my studs already. EBAY HERE I COME.


Learning new skills + creating new things from old things = little joys!


I had alot of thoughts and small reflections during church today, but I know if I begin now its going to end up in a 1920123 word essay.. which probably isn’t the wisest thing to do right now when I should be heading for bed soon.


Another week ahead! The final moments before the exams. I am bracing myself, and praying.



One Response to “DIY: Studs”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    which ebay site?

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