Zac Attack


via weheartit

I forgot all about you.

Can I have this dance?


6 Responses to “Zac Attack”

  1. Tania Says:

    mehhhhh. I don’t like him cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. hah.

  2. Mat Says:


    you know i JUST had a dream last night where my boyfriend looked like zac efron?


  3. Nat (mini rugger) Says:

    I think give him a few more years. Once he hits his second decade of existence he’ll be much better. “Men are like fine wine”

  4. Debs Says:

    nat.. are you talking abt matilda’s bf or zac efron.

  5. Mat Says:

    I think it would’ve been very cruel of nat if he was referring to zac………..

    I shall assume he’s referring to jw. :D

  6. Nat(mini rugger) Says:

    hahahaha! OF COURSE ZAC EFRON LA OMG! communication lousy (:

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