Almost famous


OH SNAP. We are even cooler now.

We made it to the Kogi website! YEYA.

I sent Alice the photo last night, along with an email attached letting her know that we are spreading the good word of Kogi around the island and thanking her for her home & hospitality while I was in LA. She replied me this morning saying she just got back from an international food festival and met 2 Singaporeans and we ALL HAVE DIFFERENT ACCENTS. She was thoroughly amused. Love it.

In the Kogi post she also added in the obligatory “la” to the end of the sentence, Singapore style.


“How have you BEEN???  AHAHAHA.  I love, love, love that fact that there’s two people in Singapore walking around in KoGi shirts.”




One Response to “Almost famous”

  1. Nat (mini rugger) Says:

    I just checked out the menu on the official Kogi website! I WANT TO EAT ALL THEIR FOOOODS.They should set up a franchise here (:

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