More of Blake Lively’s Asymmetrical Awesomeness:


Picture 2

And if I had one more chance at prom…

Picture 3



Today, I…

x dyed my hair

x organised notes for Monday (aka the beginning of the end)

x did some yoga on Wii Fit for the first time in 522 days, so my WII INSTRUCTOR informed me. Easy on the sarcasm there, virtual dude.

x knit myself a headband :)

I am so addicted to DIY-ing things now that I know how to knit! Haha I hope we have lunch at Plaza Sing tmr, then I can get more yarn from Spotlight! HURRAH!


3 Responses to “Asymmetrics”

  1. daphne Says:

    your hair dyed! now i can’t wait to see your hair again. it could almost be a celebrity on itself like nat’s videos.

  2. liz Says:

    duuuude spotlight is DAMN EX go to your friendly neighborhood sewing shop iss sooo much cheeeaper. but of course. no variety.

    btw. i’m sewing clothes now! hurhur

  3. Debs Says:

    i do not have a friendly neighbourhood sewing shop!!!! EH spotlight can get 3-4 bucks per ball of yarn leh. expensive meh! ITS DAMN CHEAP COMPARED TO THIS STORE I WENT TO IN CHINATOWN walao they rip me off. but cos spotlight was undergoing some reno and stock check so i had to get from there :( cheat me.

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