Amigos para siempre


After a week of meeting crazy deadlines, unexpected run-ins, and golden conversations –


Today, I toast to friendships.

The kinds which you meet when you are yay-high in a church nursery, and go on to stand by you even though they’ve seen all your best and worst moments,

The kinds which accidentally happen, and later blossom into the best kinds of relationships you couldn’t even imagine living without,

The kinds that are fleeting, but leave permanent imprints,

The kinds that slip your memory occasionally, but when they come round, bring the biggest smiles to your faces,


The kinds that make you do the stupidest things in the world just because they bring out the best in you the way,

The kinds that you are forced to work with, and make you hate and love and love and hate,

The kinds which are borne of a friend-of-a-friend, or an accidental facebook error, those sekret friendships that you build along the sidelines,

The kinds that don’t need you to constantly be there, but know that you are there when they need you,

The kinds that make you burst out laughing the moment you see them and you can’t quite explain that sudden explosion of joy,


The kinds that at the very first meeting or conversation, reach out and grab part of your soul and just won’t let go,

The kinds that take your hand so that you won’t get lost, make sure you tread carefully on broken egg shells, whisper in your ear words of advice,

The kinds that can sit and do absolutely NOTHING with you, and get you by your worst times when you don’t even know it,

The kinds that you see every day, take for granted, forget to call or text, and only ring when you need favours (:D),


The kinds that grow into something more than friends,

And all the other kinds in between.


To all my friends, wherever you are,


I wish you love :)


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