Let’s fall in love!



We have returned at the stroke of midnight from Hanhan jie’s FABULOUS wedding dinner at Marina Mandarin, one of the best I’ve ever attended. The quality of dishes, beautiful outfit changes, celebrity spottings, and the unlimited free flow of red wine, just to name a few out of the many highlights of the night!

The night was plagued with Dakorkor (aka LOS master) corrupting Gid into chugging red wine. This resulted in a lobster-red Gideon throughout the entire dinner (refer to pictorial evidence above), and towards the end, BOOMZ. Crash and burn, baby! I have to say that as a responsible older sister, I did warn you at the third glass that you were going to regret it :)

Many photos which I am eager to share, because this blog has lacked personal photographic touch for a loooong while now, which only means that my life has been really boring of late. Guilty as charged.

I’ll try and get them up soon, but don’t count on it – the clock of essay deadlines is ticking and its ticking really fast. Meanwhile, just one above to whet your appetite – my clutch in the gap represents Cheryl Sarah Lee who is Absent from the family festivities. Shame on you, woman!


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