The fast lane



Brothers, on a regular day in the car.


Things that keep my head afloat:

x Dreams and sleep.

x Finished 2 presentations that both went really well. Especially enjoyed one that essentially enabled me to showoff all my travel photos and tell stories about them. HOHO. I love you, fairygodmother in a green sweater.

x Project G: I have started on my third ball of yarn! OHYEH. Close to completion, but then comes the hard part. Tying up those loose ends.

x I’ve downloaded Picasa 3 for Mac and as we speak they are scouring the corners of my laptop for all my photos :)


In other news, Jackie and I have discovered that GCHAT HAS VIDEO FUNCTIONS and we learnt how to use it resulting in what you see below:

Picture 6

The woman has a friggin lightsaber in her apartment.

She then went on to show me her new photo collage wall of Berkeley photos. We are now plastered all over her wall. Very Nice.


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