We go together



The cutest thing EVER.

As of now, I am a marquee. Find us! :)


3 Responses to “We go together”

  1. kayla Says:


    so i googled “nus” and “berkeley” in one string. and viola! was directed here.

    may i please ask what CAP range you’d recommend if i’m looking to do an exchange at one of the UC’s. (prefably berkeley)

    also, if you dont mind me asking? what was your CAP when you applied to do an exchange at berkeley? i apologise for being so blatant.

    but would very much appreciate if you answer my queries.

    thank you!

  2. Debs Says:

    umm actually the allocation of uni really isn’t dependent on ur CAP score at all. its dependent on your entire application (which includes an essay) and then the UC itself chooses if i’m not wrong. u get allocated twice, once NUS allocates u in OPAS (but its just to let u know u got accepted and u usually never get posted to this one) and the second time is the confirmed one which the UC chooses u.

    so technically theres no way that u can guarantee u will get into berkeley.. its pretty much random.

    um hope this helps!

  3. kayla Says:

    awesome. thank u very much. have a great weekend ahead!

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