The act young day :)

Tobaye baked this really awesome cake, topped with icing and fruit loops.

We played I Never & Rhyming lines & a chinese word game so that we could finish the entire cake.. WOW I’m surprised we actually did :O

As a result, I have WAY TOO MUCH cake lodged in my stomach as of now. It made slightly woozy halfway during service.


For half an hour or so I was on livestreaming in the I-house game room, watching a Karaoke session go on in the dark with Yong, Jiwon & friends, inclusive of Quen on the guitar.



I just realised I have heaps of work to do by TOMORROW MORNING zomg and its already 6pm. But I desperately need a nap and thats what I am going to do after I post this. Full speed ahead tonight!


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