Project DIY


Went a-lunching with Mae & Kiyoko at Sakae Sushi this afternoon, mulled over Spotlight running out of yarn, Mae’s new future job (and hair! bangzzzzz), the blogshop bazaar at Far East.. before Mae and I actually went down to Far East to take a look at some stuff.

My current financial situation is extremely dismal, but I am being optimistic about prospects of new avenues for earning a few bucks.

So it didn’t help that I hadn’t been to Far East in forever and everything looked so tempting and reasonably priced, AND that Mae kept suggesting items that I should get, AND there was a bazaar going on at the atrium.

Along the way we came across this bag:


Mae made me try it on and it was the cutest thing ever (and I love Domokun arr arr!) but sadly I decided against it at the moment. Maybe I’ll save up for it. Then again there are a gazillion other things at Far East that I want to get..

Every shop we went into had studded items. Everything was VERY DESIRABLE but also we observed that studded items are the easiest kind of fashion to DIY. So I, being broke on a budget, have decided to take up my original project that I wanted to start during the holidays. DIY-ing my old clothes.

This afternoon I perused Ebay for studs & such. Click click click, and away they went, across oceans.. to Berkeley. I think YJ is going to kill me when he finds out I sent 2 bags of studs to his doorstep and that he has to send it, along with a heap of other items, back to Singapore. Whoops.

Armed with a glue gun and Ebay embellishments, I will be on my way.

Crossing fingers!


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