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I remember when we were like 3 or 4 and were staying in our trailer home in Amerika, we used to have an ice cream truck like that which always came around. I know I always used to buy the same one but I can’t remember which – I know Caleb always chose the ninja turtle one.

I love ice cream.

But today I had, well, an overdose of both B&Js in the afternoon with my tuition kids and Island Cremery at night with my family.

Yikes. Okay ice-cream abstinence starts all over again.


This morning’s service and post-service time was very enlightening and recharging, to say the least. I am very amazed at how God caters to our needs. My takehome is that we are constantly engaged in spiritual warfare, although we tend not to think about our lives in that way. I wrote down a whole bunch of other stuff that was both therapeutic and necessary. Stand firm!


Monday is the first day of the recess week from Uni. Yeaya.


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