Project Grandmother


via feltmates


Project Grandmother, or for more dramatic effect, Project Grandma-in-a-rocking-chair has begun as of yesterday. This was birthed from the brainstorming of what to get YJ for his birthday (which is an incredible 2 months from now but I have exams in Nov and  thank God I started now because knitting is the slowest process ever.)

So.. went down to Spotlight yesterday (sale on yarns! whee!) and grabbed some stuff, taught myself some basics via youtube, struggled with the first row for 6 times in an hour and restarted like goodness knows how many times.. and then I finally got the hang of it :)

I’m kinda wishing my yarn was of better quality, but I decided that this is just a trial run anyway. If I really get the hang of this, I might do something more challenging! And nicer-looking! Yeah don’t get your hopes up, my fingers are dying already.

Last night while chatting with Jackie she was all like, you’d better hope he has a small neck, get him a platter of cut fruits instead (inside joke), etc. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INPUT, POOHDEVIL. (I actually sekretly love our meaningless conversations please talk to me. HAHA.)

If this trial run takes forever (and I think it just might), that boy will just have to appreciate my ugly-as-hell attempt at a red scarf.


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