Introducing the next best thing when you don’t live in NYC and have unlimited cash to watch A-grade broadway quality performances..




Its a new TV series.. AND I’M TOTALLY HOOKED. Think High School Musical, without the unrealistic Disney cheese! Actually, think better, cos the quality of singing is like wayyyy above HSM standard. THE SINGING GIVES ME CHILLS. CHILLS YA HEAR ME.

Awesome singing/songs, pushing-daisies esque cinematography, and one cute guy = HAPPY PILLS :) :)

I highly recommend this show! 2 episodes are out already. I’ve been listening to these 2 songs from the show on repeat the entire night. Don’t Stop Believing & Take A Bow.

Here’s the trailer! Be prepared to be blown away. Hoho. I hope it just gets better!

Streetlight people, living just to find emotion.


One Response to “Glee”

  1. Tania Says:

    EH I SAW IT TOO. but i havent watched it can. I HAVE THE SOUNDTRACK. HOHO.

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