Kiyoko’s 21st birthday


Kiyoko’s big 21st!

The awesomest thing about this party had to be the decor, designed by her friend from NTU.




Are you blown away yet? I absolutely loved the open-air + recyclable paper concept!


Happy 21st, Kiyoko! <3


Giving her thank you speech with her gazillion uni friends..


Party shots.

Mae and I were like the ONLY church people there (Toshi doesn’t count, cos he’s her BROTHER) so we were kinda like a mini-entity of our own. But we had tons of fun nonetheless. I drank orange juice which turned out to be spiked with vodka (and I was wondering why I was so flushed!), Mae discovered she was in her friend’s house (omged), and that the owner of the house was her friend’s brother.. Heaps of cake, island cremery (!!), ridiculously spicy chips, singing, camera flashing..

x This is Kiyoko singing Lucky! THE VOICE TO DIE FOR! WHOOO!

x Okay half of the video is them trying to fix the iphone for the lyrics, but just ignore that. LISTEN TO KIYOKO’S ANGEL VOICE IN THE FIRST HALF!!! I WANT TO PUT HER IN A BOX AND MAKE HER SING TO ME WHENEVER I OPEN IT!!!

x Erm I just realised that at the end you can hear Mae saying “this party is so wholesome” and I respond “except for the spiked drink” HAHAHAHA okay uh apologies for destroying the video with our brainless commentary.


21 years of friendship :) x


It is such a blessing & privilege to have friends you’ve known LITERALLY your entire life :)

Times have changed. No more tea parties in the deep hideouts of the church garden (which is now a carpark), running around playing make believe, wearing oversized tshirts and berms..

From when we were kiddos and I WAS TOWERING ABOVE BOTH OF THEM till now, I’m the shortest and roles have been reversed with Kiyoko being the tallest and Mae always cheating with her 600 inch heels.. damn.

But some things don’t change; the friends you trusted with your 7-year old secrets will always be the ones which you are the most comfortable in your own skin. That I know for certain :)


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