I can’t quite decide.

The California traveller’s necklace (right) is sooo special! It has the CA state shape and the CA state coin as charms (HOW TO RESIST) and I really want to get it to remind myself of my experience in Cal over last semester. But its rather pricey. The peace necklace (left) is cheaper though and also special in its own way. Arghh decisions decisions. Urban outfitters you do tease me.

I’m going to order this (once I decide which one to get! argh) and send it to Yong’s room so he can airmail it to me along with other things (Kogi tshirts! Excite!). Today he had to go for a Criminal Background Check so that he could officially get employed at the Program Office. Omgosh I was like HUH WHAT? Sounds mean man.

Today is my free day (schoooools out!) and later on I’ll be heading to Cheryl Ho’s to exploit her pool.. if the weather permits. Later when Matilda comes we shall attempt to have another session of yoga and practice THE HAPPY BABY POSE. HAHA Or not.



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