Bottling up



via abeautifulrevolution

I absolutely LOVE A Beautiful Revolution. I want to keep reading it and not go to sleep, but its getting kinda late. The sun rises tomorrow, anyway. (Or maybe I shouldn’t take that forgranted). Anyhow I’ve decided since I love it so much I’m gona keep posting entries with images from there till I run out of those that I like.

I thought the picture above was relevant because it is essentially the cure to all my classmate’s problems! (Refer to this post) I guess its a cure to the world’s problems, actually.

I decided to leave you with the hope of a cure.


Also, I finally updated my profile page, Ingenue, so you can check out my most recent reflections on this blog plus tell me if the writeup sounds pretentious enough to attract more readers!

And with that, goodnight :)


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