Shipping off The Thng



Math-slackers 2006!




No one understood my relevance of wearing the I LOVE NY shirt. Michael is going to NYU you see. All people were concerned with were, WHAT, YOU CUT OFF YOUR SLEEVES? -.-

Also to note: Brohoho mission was completed – aka Hiew, Ting and I ran after Michael’s parents (who were making their way into the first class lounge amagad) and did a very embarrassing BYE AUNTIE BYE UNCLE HAVE A NICE TRIP! – all because we wanted to say bye to The Optimus that is Michael’s dad. Hurhur!

Faretheewell, Thngian! xx


One Response to “Shipping off The Thng”

  1. Nat Says:

    I spy a nipple in my shot. And WHY ARN’T I LOOKING AT THE CAMERA> IT LOOKS SO RETARDED!!!

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