Last Monday, we celebrated the first month of our NEWBORN NIECE, SARAH :) Aunties twice over now, yeya! Okay there should be no reason why I am actually HAPPY about being an auntie. Moving on now.




All I have to say is that the buffet at Trader’s Hotel was PHENOMENAL. Hadn’t been to a buffet in forever, so this was truly a massive feast. Of every kind of local/jap/peranakan dish. KUEH PAI TI WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?



Brothers giving love to Matthew, our first nephew. This little dude now has to share all the attention he’s been getting for the last 3 years with his newborn sister!

And now for the star of the show..


Oh she is so perfect, red and tiny. Dakorkor’s first reaction was “wrinkled” but I’d prefer to pass on that description.

Comparisons of the two siblings/only two of the next generation that has been born thus far (one more on the way, though! *RUBS HANDS IN GLEE*) :


Matthew, aka Thomas the train lover, aka the apple of everyone’s eye (LOOK AT HIM IN THE THIRD PHOTO HE KNOWS HE KNOWS), aka to quote Cheryl, “he’s dressed in more brands than I know.”


Sarah, a month old, and is what babies should all be. TINY AND CUTE. P/S Check out the bandit baby look in the last frame; this was the result of much of her nightmarish fidgeting in the stroller.


Welcome to the family :)


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