Spammer Seah


This is my friend. His name is Kevin, and we call him by his last name Seah.


Seah recently adopted a new hobby, which is spamming other people’s inboxes with as many smses as possible that either are 1. blank or 2. say random things like MASTER SPY/EXERCISE MORE/GOOD MORNING and so on.


I believe I should be privileged that I have been the only victim of this hobby of which he hit 100. OR MAYBE JUST THE ONLY VICTIM. I believe my Nokia was incapable of making the messages appear as 100 as they probably didn’t program 3-digit allowance BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T THINK ANYONE WOULD ACTUALLY RECEIVE 100 MESSAGES. Evidently they underestimated the stupidity and boredom of 21 year old males.


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