Our formal celebration of our church’s 50th jubilee year at Meritus Mandarin :) Here are a few snaps to summarize the different components of the afternoon..


These are us, the receptionists, and our trying-to-look-important-when-we-actually-have-nothing-much-to-do-photos.



Note: Clubbers paradise photo in second row & sunglass weirdness photo in third row.


These, are the usherers-who-stand-around-and-look-like-paikias, as well as the brothers-who-just-come-to-eat-lunch.


These, are the actual 800+ members of the entire church who turned up to have a free lunch :) HAHA jokes.. just kidding.


This is the WCG girls table! Note the chaotic candid expressions. I love how Auntie Aitho is captured in the last photo trying to dodge from the shot. Haha!


And this, a series of unfortunate events.

1. Jon with too much foundation on (he was in a skit) and doing one of his weird facemelting movements which in this case proved fatalistic and something he will eternally regret.
2. A failed GM-HL photo because POONETH crashed it. HAHA.
3. J is for Jaebum and N is for Nichkhun! But my N is inverted :(
4. Poor photographers subject to the various shoving of cameras and “EH HELP ME TAKE PHOTO!!” demands.
5. Brothers with premature beer bellies.
6. A lost friend found! (Ok this is not an unfortunate event).


And our last series of photos shall be entitled, Who will Gideon choose? In this series, we explore how Gideon, the drunkard groom, wakes up to find that he has left behind a trail of white flowers to four different girls, of which appear the next morning seeking his acceptance and hand of marriage. Who will he choose? Stay tuned to find out!

(To explain the other photos in the series: o yes, I am the bridesmaid of course and the boys are the best men.)


2 Responses to “GBC 50TH ANNIVERSARY: The bash”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hahaha yeah, that’s a pretty bad photo of I.


  2. toshi Says:

    excuse… we do NOT have premature potbellies…

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