My perfect timetable of a three-day week & long weekends has been shattered in an instance of folly that I can attribute to no one but myself. For taking forgranted that people read their emails. Now I have a three-day week on odd weeks, THANK GOD for that still; but I have a blasted class from 10-12pm on Mondays on even weeks. The worst time ever to have a class, no? Over lunch I released my immense anger and frustration with periodic roaring while I teetered on the brink of madness until I was appeased. Daph was encouraging; she said she did the worst when she had a three-day week cos she became really slack about coming to school. I will use that as my inspiration. Upsets, upsets. And ironically this is the day right after I emceed for University Dedication Service, the first day I decide to wear my silver cross.

I proposed my first hypothesis in the spirit of the sociological qualitative analysis class I am taking: Every time I wear my cross to school, I will be presented with a challenge that forces me to remind myself to be salt & light. The data collection shall span the current semester.


One Response to “Aggravate”

  1. Nrupesh Says:

    To introduce myself  I am Nrupesh from India. One of your seniors a very good friend of mine. Right now am working on a project for an upcoming Alcoholic Beverage Company in India. I understand from my colleague that students of NUS have access to Euromonitor Databases. (reports of which are awesome). Is it possible for you to send me the latest report on “Alcoholic Drinks – India” report 2009 which was published in Feb 2009. It would be really helpful.

    Thanks in advance

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