Kat turns 21




Happy 21st woman :)




Kat’s sister Amanda ordered the cupcakes – INGENIOUS MUCH! But no worries, the cupcakes were alcohol-free.. if they really had such alcoholic cupcakes on sale I think there would be a happy ruckus all over the world.. now there’s a good sales idea. (Ooh I just realised you can see our cameraman Ravinran in the reflection of the mirror!)

Kat’s birthday was filled with alcohol, broken glass, tap-tap showdowns, Amanda’s remixes, playing with Cubbie and tapas (I learnt a new word!!) prepped by her parents with love – satay, prawns in garlic sauce (mm this was heavenly) and other strange eclectic mixes that I couldn’t get enough of.

Mat and I stayed over after the party ended but by that time it was almost what, 3? By the time we were done we had enough energy to shower, open a few of her presents, watch baby youtube videos, and in the midst of talking to Yong on skype, Kat fell asleep. HAHA poor girl she must’ve been really tired after hosting the whole day. This left Mat and I to whispering our conversation for another hour before we both crashed as well.

The next morning: BANYAN TREE TREATMENT of course. Complete with Kat’s mom chitterchattering away to us about life and all its fancies with Cubbie curled up at our feet. Mat and I conclude that Kat’s mom makes married life with children look SO easy – planting bougenvillas so that they would creep over her daughter’s windows, having teas with her daughters after school, catching up with girlfriends (auntie girlfriends! amagad)…. yes who wouldn’t want to be Kat’s mom. Haha!


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