Year 3: Prologue



Not been updating, been twittering instead (the less tedious form of release); guilty on both accounts.

And before you know it, the new school year is upon us. Lets give it up for being a YEAR THREE STUDENT IN NUS!! WOOHOO! I am so excited for what the future holds! I am Year 3! My male counterparts in JC are measly Year 1s! I can look at them and scoff with pride at how much matured I am because I know all about CORS and how evil people get around the system during closed bidding!

Not really.

But to a certain extent, I am glad that school has started. Being on holiday for too long puts you in limbo, in suspended motion (this reminds me of the USP Physics class I took this morning – lets not talk about it). The holiday cheer wears off once people can’t find a reason to be cheerful about other than sleeping in every morning, and the whoosh of freedom and liberty to do whatever you want soon becomes stale when you realise that there isn’t anything to do after you’ve finished watching all the seasons of HIMYM, GG and Brothers & Sisters. So school pushes you back in momentum, somewhat.

And being year 3 is another thing. Wow, old much. Time F-L-I-E-S. A new year, an old mindset of wanting to work hard and do well, a struggling body and mind to keep up with my own expectations. My new motto is, don’t be afraid to try new things! I’m crossing my fingers and looking out for opportunities.

So despite juggling school, work and giving tuition + church activities on weekends, I still don’t feel all that stretched. I think I can offer more, I think I can do more, I think I should be doing more when I’m young and still (relatively haha) healthy and excited about life. I remember someone said that in the new century we’re so used to having activities to busy ourselves that we are not comfortable spending time alone – I would think that is true, but at the same time there is a fine line between spending ‘me’ time or time alone with God as I would like to call it, and using that as an excuse to waste time and be lazy. I think I’ve been lazy for far too long, and I admit its too comfortable a habit to break, but mind over body! – I shall strive to be active and fruitful this semester :)

In other happy news, I’ve had my first 2 articles ever written published in the NUS magazine, The Ridge! Everybody go grab a copy! My first article is on healthy living (yeah I know, me of all people writing that) and second, a fashion regular article on NUS students. For this issue I photographed and wrote about Shamil & Matilda. The photos of them are huge! I wasn’t expecting it to be so inyourface. But its great to have friends that you can make use of in this way :) Haha email me if you want to be photographed for the next issue! Criteria: you have to be a current NUS student!

I attribute this first tiny step into actively searching out the opportunity to fulfill the above to the one who is selling Kogi tacos from a truck in LA, because his work ethic and ambition inspire me to actively pursue my dreams and desires :)


2 Responses to “Year 3: Prologue”

  1. gid Says:

    when’d you take the photo?

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