Allen in Singapore!


Berkeley (HK branch) meets Berkeley (SG branch). Welcome to Singapore, Allen!


Bugis, Chinatown, Clarke Quay


We had dinner with Shamil’s dad, which had to be the most entertaining meeting ever! Shamil’s dad looked nothing like what I expected, but in terms of personality and behaviour.. omged they are identical. I can totally imagine what kind of old man Shamil is going to become when he grows older. I mean, he’s already pretty old now, but still..

Allen’s local samplings: Malay/Indian food (Thosai, Chapati, Tissue Prata, Briyani) + Bakuteh + local desserts & drinks (read: Chendol, Ice kachang, Bandung, Teh)


Then we went to Clark Quay to walk around and hang out. If I were a tourist, this would be my favourite place :) We had a great time romancing the river, reminiscing the old and this is where Shamil (he denies this) taught me how to lie! TSKTSKTSK bad example.

Allen’s local samplings: Singapore sling!


Sentosa, Little India

Allen passed his GRE with flying colours (not even kidding when I say flying. SOARING would be a better word) so he could go enjoy the rest of his day in Singapore!


We saw the Merlion, sat the Skytram, went to the beaches.. and um, that was pretty much it. Yea I realised after this that SENTOSA SUCKS. Cos you have to pay for everything except for the beach. Plus the weather was mad.. At this point I realised what a bad tourguide I was cos I only know how to bring people to the strategically commercialized tourist places. Fail.

After we finished touring Sentosa (in like two hours can) we sat on the rocks by the river and just talked.. about life now and then.

Allen’s local samplings: Hokkien Mee, Laksa, Water chestnuts


Shamil met us at Little India, and he took over the tourguiding role and it reinforced what a failure I am at tourguiding hahahaha. Shamil is THE BEST TOURGUIDE. Half the time he was telling anecdotes and stories about stuff in Little India and Singapore and I was like REALLY? and it felt like I was the tourist instead. Fail..

Allen’s local samplings: Indian food (IVE NEVER EVEN EATEN IT BEFORE EITHER so I can’t remember what its called haha)


Went to Thieves’ market & I got a henna done (told you I became the tourist)!

Allen’s local samplings: Satay, Rojak


Ended the day at Arab street, where Shamil shishas his life away. Ahahahaha! While we were talking, Yong called! And we passed the phone back and forth and when it got to Allen, he was like, Yong! You need to ask these two to stop arguing! Ahahahahahaha good times, good times.

See you in HK, Allen! :)


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