Bandung bosses


The intense bandung outing where we played I’m the Boss the entire night (how many hours was it!?). And the boys got really into the game.. at a point I realised I’m not good at these mind games and got relegated to being the CHARITY CASE. Adrian was second to give up his game and both of us were happily in the corner gushing about SNSD and GEE. HAHAHAHA.



This is such a great photo of how the boys got so into the game.. all ready for uni, I see! Hahaha.




Later on, Siyou came (!!) and we sat and talked and I exploited the OSIM massage chair – shiok to the max. Successful bandung (minus beh, who went off to Malaysia. TRAITOR!) came to at close in the wee hours of the morning :)

Note to self: never play I’m the boss with Benchong or Vik again! The two most innocent of the lot were actually the most deceptive in making false impressions. THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED!


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