Its been almost 5 weeks since I’ve been back.

H2Hs with:

x Mat – much required after both our 6 months away.

x Nat – downstairs at the playground, with ice longan from the market to boot :) Where we bumped into Tash also!

x Beh, one of the first few to arrange a meetup! The usual, the updates, the uncalled for unglamness.

x Loongz- in town, and we haven’t met since we graduated in 06 OMGED.

x Jon – Starbucks for the millionth time, but one to one this time! Haha good times man.

x Benchong – the night my mom offered to bring durians down for us to eat -.-

x Bev & Mae – night of interesting conversations…

x Mae – at my house, while she did her job application. And multiple times via skype when we both have nothing to do.

x Dora – who randomly called me and appeared at my house because her meeting at NYGH got cancelled. Random spontaneous havent met up in years catch up. Wasn’t long, but it was great seeing her again! BABIES THE NEXT TIME PLS.

x Shermaine – :) didn’t get to do our pedicures, but it was a good long catch up.

x Jackie & Shamil – ihouse in Singapore, parallel lives… I miss us in Berkeley :(

x Amadeo – there was divine intervention that cancelled his supper so we could catchup and exchange summer info, HOHO.

x Mos – at ACJC! We always end up meeting there – had good ol canteen food, then some much-missed bleachers talking.

x Gerrard & Rock – the meeting that got postponed like 4 times to 4 different locations. HAHA after which Rock accompanied me to spotlight to buy stuff.. sekret project!

x Kat & Mat – this most recent H2H. Before Kat arrived two hours late (giggly and high.. HAHA), Mat and I had the best H2H yet. Level up in friendship. After Kat arrived we proceeded to embarrass ourselves in the middle of Fish & Co by squeezing into one side of the booth and googling on Mat’s Iphone (accompanied by very loud gasps and exclamations upon finding results) and playing some Taptap game..

Of course, there are the other meetups in slightly larger groups (as well as the almost weekly Starbucks run-ins with the church people), and parties, gatherings, whatnot.

Looking back at all the people I’ve met, it seems like I’ve managed to catchup with alot of them, but at the same time I know there are so many more I haven’t seen or talked to a long while..

I cannot believe school is starting in about 2 weeks. I don’t think I remember school, at least not in NUS. Its gona be like Year 1 all over again. Except I am Year 3. Oh my heavens we are Year 3….. where have all the years gone?


One Response to “Heart2hearts”

  1. bev Says:

    + Bev at Wheelock waiting for the boys to arrive.

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