Why hello.



Why hello there.

According to Jon, that is what my face is conveying in this GMJ polaroid. This was taken a looong while back, at our Sentosa Sun Sea Skype GBC youth expedition. Good times, good times. I confess that this morning I was too lazy to wake up at a godforsaken hour to meet the rest of the NUS gang in an ulu mrt station so that we could troop down to the Mandai Zoo. I mean, I love the zoo; I think the Singapore zoo is one of the best (even after going to the San Diego WORLD FAMOUS ZOO!) but I would also very much prefer my bed of comfort and an airconditioned ride.. yeah not happening. Sorry guys :(

Instead, I have decided that today is Job Hunt day. It’s only like what – 2 plus weeks till school starts? But firstly I am too idle, secondly I need my extra cash because I am practically living off my scholarship money and it is dimishing rapidly, and thirdly because my new motto for the semester is play less, work more, earn money the most. HAHAHA okay not quite, but something along the lines of study real hard and work to earn and save and be frugal at the same time. Yeah, usually my resolve runs out by the second week. But hey, new beginnings!


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