Starbuck’s newest drink: TANZANIA


I’m sitting in Starbucks at Raffles City with Tan(za)nia, Jonnaye and The Poon. There have been one too many times where this has happened, our spontaneous one on one dates turning into a massive GBC church gathering of oldies cluttered around a tiny coffee table. We have successfully tricked Jonnaye into letting us create a twitter account for himself!! The joys of twitter have expanded ever since we discovered, which allows us to tweet from our phones, FOR FREE! We are truly Singaporeans, and we truly love our free stuff! The current mood: at a perpetual loss of what to do, but loving the atmosphere of caffeinated comfort.

In other news, sekret operation #1 has been completed! I is pleased and cannot wait for the revealing :)


5 Responses to “Starbuck’s newest drink: TANZANIA”

  1. Tanzania Says:

    eh second one i wanna write another one!
    Tweet tweet.

  2. debs Says:

    i very excited can!! the woman say 6-8 working days i count already I AM ANTICIPATING. hahaha if it gets lost on the way i will just die.

  3. Amelia Says:

    how come I dont see you online ever anymore! me so heart break sia.

  4. debs Says:

    AMELIA!!!! yar i dont usually go on msn actually! cos i keep giving people viruses. CAN U PLEASE GO AND GET TWITTER. HAHAHAHA it is awesome!!! then i can tweet to u everyday!

  5. Amelia Says:


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